Catch the GG Spirit

How can you share in the spirit of the Goodwill Genealogist?

Transcribe a  bible page or letter from our Family Pages. This will make the documents searchable. Once we have matching transcriptions and originals, we can forward both to genealogical societies and make the information available to a wider audience.

Donate high-resolution scans of your originals for transcription and sharing.

Locate a family historian who might be seeking the information here.  Maybe you’ll find them on a message board or discussion group you use for your research.  Let them know what’s here!

 Seek out historical materials at yard and estate sales, auctions, consignment shops, and antique shops.   You’ll find family bibles, letters, photo albums where those in the photos are identified, land deeds, last will and testaments, handwritten genealogies, ledgers.  Scan or photograph them for preservation.

Encourage someone you know who collects bibles, letters, or old historical documents to take high-resolution digital photos of their collection and submit it.  We will happily give them credit for their collection.

Be a Goodwill Genealogist!


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