The goodwill of strangers and distant family is at the heart of genealogical research.

Goodwill Genealogists bestow bits of family treasure to unsuspecting seekers. Remarkably, they have no connection to the information they’ve found or to the families that do.  They place a high value on family records, generosity of spirit, and patience as they wait to see if this match-making of object to descendant will really take place! They  revel in putting the material out there, and celebrate when a connection to family is.

They  give digitized images so families can see their ancestor for the first time.   They create family trees so that other seekers may someday find it.  They return copies of old correspondence, that emerged from attic boxes where they’ve sat unread for years. 

They buy artifacts when they can, purely for preservation.  Some original items will remain in the collections, others will be made available to family, and still other articles might be donated to genealogical societies for transcription for their databases.  But the digital images will be here and accessible.

Goodwill Genealogists are connected to the spirit of discovery and preservation, and the reunion of family  to their history.  The magic begins at the start of the search and last well through the match–bits of family treasure find their way home.

There are many more Goodwill Genealogists than I ever thought imaginable.  So many that we sometimes bump into each on the way to giving something back, or alerting a family that a piece is available.  “You’re kidding?  I thought I was the only doing this?”

So, GG’s if you stumble upon the page, let us know!  Let us hear share the story of the crazy hobby!

 Catch the spirit of Goodwill Genealogists!

Oh–and if you’re a family member, and want to talk with us about acquiring the original artifacts.  Contact us! info@goodwillgenealogists.com


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