White Family of Vermont–a photo album and genealogy in one!

This little photo album, with part of it separated, is packed with identified photos and handwritten family history.  No, it doesn’t resemble a gedcom file, but it is rich!  Family Names include: Myron L. White, Henry White, Roxa Leach White, Mary Augusta White, Lucy Starr White, Lestria Ann White, Francis Emery White, Susie Arvilda White, George Alpheus White, Alvin H. White, Edna White Hammond, John Hammond, Edward C Fairfield, Ida Ce White Fairfield, Edwin L White, William L White, Elizabeth Spencer, Walter Francis White, Minnie Augusta White, Eva Susie White, Merrill White, Rhoda Ransom White, Col Geo Merrill White

Locations include Wilmington VT, Wardsboro Vt, Adams MA, Baltimore MD, Dover Vt, Brimfield MA, Readsboro VT, Florence MA, Tarrington CT, Bristol CT, New Haven CT

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2 Responses to White Family of Vermont–a photo album and genealogy in one!

  1. I so appreciate your comments! It makes this effort worthwhile to know that people are connecting with these treasures. What a gift it was that someone in your family took the time to make all those notes! I was stunned when I first saw it. Best wishes to you!

  2. Evelyn Saenz says:

    These Whites are my relatives. Henry White lived on South Hill and is buried in White Cemetery on the border between Wardsboro and Dover. The others are mostly his brothers and sisters, their spouses and children. Thank you so much for sharing these photos online.

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