Eckles, Ford, Axley family photo album

I must confess that I think this album is a marvel.  It’s faded and the clasp is gone, but the photographs, each one identified, is so exciting.  If you’re a family member, contact me about its availability.Names included: Orah Eckles Lerch, Lander S. Eckles Leand Eckles, Lloyd Eckles,Hazel Eckles,Roy Ford, Arther Axley, Jennie Axley, Luna Ford Eckles, Luther Eckles, Wil Harden Eckles, Anna Eckles, Charles Grant Ecles,Beulah Eckles,Doris Imogene Axley, Maud Ford, Johnny Eckles, Royal Carsen Eckles, Frances Ahmeda Eckles,Iven Ford,James Eckles,Almeda Ford, Ralph Ford, Robert Drake and more.

To contact us about this material email us here:GoodWill Genealogists (

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3 Responses to Eckles, Ford, Axley family photo album

  1. Many people have come to view this album. Can anyone lend a hand in placing this family in the context of a tree? It would help some of the shy seekers!

    Thanks to all!

  2. I would like to know how to obtain a copy of Axley, Eckles Album? I am Doris Axleys Grand Daughter.

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