Anderson/Holt/Poor/ Family Bible

**New high quality scans now posted**

This is an 1851 Bible from a family that includes a soldier in George Washington’s Army and a Union soldier from Missouri killed in the Civil War at Vicksburg, Mississippi in 1863. The first family member listed by name is Presley Anderson, born in Taswell County, Virginia in 1799.

Surnames include: Anderson, Holt, Poor, Dunlap, Bradley, Ferguson,

Locations include: Crawford County, Missouri,  Taswell County, Virginia


The Bible is now safe, back in the hands of family members, we received this message today (2 Feb 2011)


We got back from a trip to  MN last night and were thrilled to get our mail today…. the wonderful, wonderful Poor/Anderson Family Bible was hand delivered to us by our faithful mail carrier!  We’ve been looking at it with non-latex gloves (couldn’t find my old white gloves!) and a magnifying glass and adding information first to our Family Tree Maker Tree… when we’re done, I’ll update our Ancestry tree and add pictures, too!

We’ve also been calling family members to let them know.  What exciting news to share!  Whenever they can join us, we’ll have a “welcome the Bible back into the family” party!!!

We’ve also talked to our librarian son and received suggestions for storing it.

There aren’t words to tell you how much it means to us to have the Bible.  Thank you again and again!



Terrie (and family) You are VERY welcome,  thank you.

**Update: This Bible was rescued off of Ebay and has been successfully returned to Terrie Anderson an Anderson Family remember in Washington State. In a whimsical turn of events Terrie was also bidding on the Bible, in, as she says, her “first time bidding on Ebay”  We contacted her after the auction after finding her family tree on and she was very happy to hear from us. This was Terrie’s reaction:

“I cannot tell you how grateful I am to receive your message. We had never bid on Ebay before, thought we should bid low in case others entered a “bidding war”…. we are the people you bid against!  We were heartbroken after the auction was over and figured we had lost out.  We were overjoyed to hear from you and YES! we would absolutely cherish having the Bible.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Washington State

This is what it’s all about for us at Goodwill Genealogists, rescuing, restoring and preserving items of genealogical and historical importance and, if possible, returning the items back to original family members.

To contact us about this material email us here:GoodWill Genealogists (


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