In the Queue from the Carter Collection

Here are some items awaiting scanning.  If we hear from you, we’ll do our best to scan them sooner.

Bible Pages:

  • John S. Tout, William Henry Campbell, Mary Ann Upham, Mattie Potter, Jennie M. Henry, David Huckins Campbell, Ella G Daniels, Boston MA
  • Trollinger Family Bible includes birth, marraige and death records, by hand back to 1827.  I almost couldn’t find them in the bible!  Names include Nimrod Trollinger, Martha Trollinger, Sarah Sidney Tollinger, Mayr jane Trillinger, Elizabeth Ellen Trollinger, Emma Catharine Trollinger  
  • James Lorimer Grahm Tollinger, Julia Matilda Trollinger, Martha Ann Trollinger, Jacob William Trollinger, Charles Olviver Trollinger, John Henry Trollinger, Martha Shaw, Franklin P Batdorf,Marin M. Paxson,Andrew H. Burrows, James C Wolf, L Howard Flatter,Susie Stamp, Susie M. Frinafrock  UPDATE!  This bible has been scanned.  See it on the Family Pages under Trollinger.

Letters and Documents:

  • Letters to Major Edward W. Putney, Kathleen Putney, Durham NH and a school paper written by  W.S. Putney Feb. 21, 1876
  • Letters to Edmond P Cottle at the Williston Seminary Easthampton, MA 1890’s
  • Letters to Miss Abbie Maxson of Westerly RI 1865-1867
  • Last Will of Joseph Perly or Perley May 5th 1869 New York State
  • Cornelius Donavan (Donovan) Naturalization Affidavit October 1844 from New York State


  • Photo album from 1926-1929 in Germany.  H. Gert Muller, Sherman Pilschowski,Leni Kruse, Amelise Bengson, Wellm, and others.
  • From one family collection primarily from South Dakota and Texas:
    • Regina Albrecht
    • Martha Ries Stucky (Texas),
    • Jonathan Kaufman, Henry Kaufman
    • Leon Schrag, John Panbratz, Jonathan Gering
    • Albert Wenzloff (South Dakota)
    • John Jantz and his wife and twins (South Dakota)
    • Gerhardt Schmidt and his wife
    • Henry P Graber and wife
    • John Graber and wife (nee Hansko)
    • Joe Gering, Emma Gering, Millie Graber (South Dakota)
    • Jake Graber and wife
    • Emma Gering Wipf
    • Lena Graber (Mrs Andrew Graber)
    • Mrs. Peter Graber
    • Henry P Graber
    • Lizzie Graber McCoun
    • To contact us about this material email us here:GoodWill Genealogists (

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